Friday, October 12, 2007

Hats of to the folks at LGA

Ok - so I went to NYC last weekend and had a wonderful time. The weather was excellent and I had a super run in the park. Shopping, food and shows - excellent.

This time I told H - my trusted travel consultant that I refused to go through JFK - I do not care that it is free - I refused to go to that place.

So this time I flew through LGA and I have to say for as clueless as they are at JFK - the folks at LGA have it together.

I go there early on Monday morning - remember I have to fly when no normal sane person would - and I got checked in and noticed that the line to get through security was longer than the terminal, it was going out the door and onto the sidewalk. Now - I at first blush assumed that LGA would operate like JFK and I was in for a huge catastrophic ordeal and I had visions of being stranded, because for me it was the early flight or not at all.

Well, to my surprise, the staff at LGA made sure the line stayed orderly, somehow managed to scare up some TSA employees to operate the second check point and then culled the line - taking people based upon their departure time. At JFK I am certain we would have all stood there in the midst of a riot and more than likely missed our flights.

All I can say is - clearly this is a prime example of how good management works. Situations are dealt with. Solutions are found. Details are taken care of.

So - LGA hats off to you.

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