Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Flirting with edge of insanity - with my dreamy parachute letting me float on over the edge

Well I am back from vacation. The kiddos and I went to Baton Rogue to visit friends. It was a great time. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful, relaxed time. I will blog more about Baton Rogue in a bit.

The week prior to vacation I was seriously on edge of insanity. In a way I have not been in a while and it was both thrilling and exciting and just a bit much. I was swamped with the normal getting ready to go out of town tasks of packing and gathering all the items we would need and the planning of travel wardrobes and the like. H was gone the entire week. It was the longest stretch that he has worked in a long time and that is always hard, being the 24/7 parent for 5 days is challenging.

In addition it was holy week, so there was much happening at the pro bono job and in addition we were in the midst of trying to find a new organist. Lots of email and discussions and so forth.

If all of those balls in the air were not enough, I was very very busy with my new career. I have picked up a most excellent freelance job and I love it and it is challenging and fun and well, we were in high gear and I was writing alot and interviewing people and I can honestly say that on Saturday night as I finished the last profile, my brain hurt. It ached just a little. But even still it is energizing and exciting and I am so pleased that I have found a way to work from home, mostly on my schedule and get paid to do what I love. To actually use my talent to inform others and serve a purpose.

This time last year, I was highly doubtful of my talent and of the possibility of being able to dream a little and make it happen. I was sure that other people where lucky enough to do that and be successful. But today - in this moment - I know exactly what it feels like. I had a plan, I had an idea, I went ahead and gave it a shot and hoped for the best. I devised a plan and executed it. It took some time and some patience but it is happening and it is happening in a manageable way and I am loving every second of it.

Finding some balance is going to take some time. Getting the family flow down is going to take some time. Making sure that I do not run into brain drain is a high priority, but aside from that - I am floating on the clouds. I may not yet be making a huge amount of money, but the money is flowing and I will savor every milestone - small and large - because it is realizing the dream, which is the big pay off for me.

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