Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I think it goes without saying that most of us have a fair number of balls in the air most days. I have often struggled with balance, in various forms and shapes and sizes. My mind is always busy. Always. I am a thinking machine. I almost never dream, at least not that I remember and my theory is my mind is so busy with thinking and dreaming while I am awake - that when I am asleep, I am asleep and my mind is recharging for another big day of all manner of thoughts.

I am working a fair amount now on free lance projects and I will admit that my fiction writing has taken a back seat, which is ok. There is the creative ebb and flow to my life, which is important. I am working to establish a plan, to work in writing fiction. I have a story which I started along time ago and I have decided to finish it this summer. It is the right time and I want to finish it. So that is my creative writing goal for the summer.

I have alot going on with my freelancing. I am setting up my website and I am networking slowly and I am commitment to making this happen. This time last year I was flirting with calling myself a writer. Now today - I AM A WRITER. I am making money writing. I am developing my craft. I am learning. I am taking it to another level. I write because it is my passion, I have always written, now I am sharing the fruits of my labor with people, in very public ways and I am growing and I am a creative being and for the first time in a long time, the little voice in my head is happy and occupied and feed and not angry at me for ignoring it or telling it we cannot do thing.

So on one hand I have added balls to the juggling routine but on the other hand I am so much more at peace and the voice within me is happy and finding an outlet. That is true balance I think. The schedule and the laundry and the calender, will eventually work itself out. The mental peace is vital to all of that. I have - I think for the moment - found the mental peace I was craving. I have a focus, the voice in my mind is focused because I am attentive to it. It no longer needs to throw ideas at me, I have its attention and it has mine and we are one.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you juggle well. now switch to bowling pins.