Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gone Glitter Gone

Sadly I must say that last weekend I retired the nose ring - for now. While I had no troubles at first, I did about a month in, while washing my face, pull rather hard on the ring. Ouchy! That hurt a fair amount. Then a few weeks later again and I well, then it just swelled and hurt and ached and nothing worked.

I asked alot of people who had them, and got a lot of opinions. I was literally quizzing women with nose rings, everywhere I went. I was salt water soaking, then icing, then saline mist. The whole nine and nothing would work.

So last Friday, I took it out, which hurt so much and I thought maybe a day or so later I could put it back, but that just did not happen. It healed so fast - that now I am convinced that H was right all along, I was having a reaction to the metal or to the ring altogether. Which is very possible, given that I can only wear 14K gold in my ears and nothing else. Sterling silver for an evening maybe.

I will say I miss my nose ring, it was a very important symbol to me and I liked it very much. I may try it again at the end of the summer, but keeping it dry and out of the pool with the kiddos seems like a terribly difficult task - so for the summer I will leave sleeping glitter lie and consider my options!


Cyn said...

I noticed when we talked but I didn't want to ask. Perhaps a sign from the universe. (-: Why not try another body part?

(Hoped to see you in yoga today. It was nice, she switched it up)


Susan said...

I am done with random body parts - I may try it again in the fall. I did like it alot.

I hope to make Yoga this week! Been busy writing and with research!