Friday, April 4, 2008

Jelly Beans might have been the better choice kind sir!

So I have mentioned the ground delay in Memphis. No one likes a delay and no one likes a delay on the ground while crammed into a CRJ-200 commuter jet. L and E are great travelers but this was a bit more than they could take. E was all done waiting after the 2.5 hours we waited in Baton Rouge, he was tired and he was all done.

The young musician behind us was also done, he kept complaining on his cell phone. The man next to me was very pleasant but did not like the delay. E in a fit of 2 year boredom and so forth resorted to kicking the seat in front of him and I kept reminding him that it was not appropriate. I tried toys and I tried snacks and I tried all manner of distractions. But it was more than he could handle. Now did he scream, no. Did he cry or yell, no. He was just antsy and kicking the seat from time to time.

So the man in front of us, glared over at us and let me know he was not enjoying our little troubles. Well too bad. I am not enjoying it either and it is not like there is much I can do about it, short of really making him scream, so in the grand scheme of things - get over yourself and suck it up like the rest of us.

I told him politely I was working on it and would continue to try and get E to not kick his seat and then I offered this man a jelly bean. He refused and then I smiled sweetly and suggest he could always request to be reseated.

That weirdo went for the reseating - see I knew something he did not know - the only empty seat was the one right next to the bathroom. I had observed this fact on one of our many potty trips. Now no one wants to sit by the bathroom and certainly not on the CRJ-200.

So this man who was so seriously annoyed with E's very benign 2 year old antsy behavior. Spent the entire 1.25 minute flight being elbowed and having views of everyone's butts as they used the bathroom after the two beverage services we had received while enjoying the ground delay.

So at a minimum Mr. Annoyed should have gone for the jelly beans! Or been like the nice professor from OU, who talked with us and spoke to E a bit. He, the professor, he got offered chocolate! Which while he declined - he should know that I seldom share my stash of emergency chocolate! Mr Annoyed? Well he was annoyed the entire flight - which E slept thru - out like a light the minute we took off!

So see - the Jelly Beans were so the better option!

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Reminds me of a story a friend told me about his adventures on a Greyhound bus while helping a friend of the family. He got a flight out and a bus ride back. the only remaining set was next to the bathroom. Let's just say the stories were colorful.....I'll have a jelly bean please......:)