Friday, April 11, 2008

The Business of Government.... Part 5

is to pass laws that really make sense and actually DO something. Why have a rule on the books if it makes no sense and does nothing. I will give you an example. Today E and I went to the Post Office. I need to set up a P O Box. I will tell you why I need the box later. Rest assured I need to get the box. I went online last night and checked out what I needed to secure said box. (For those of you wondering? Two forms of ID one with a picture and $20!) So I was ready. I had my cash and my IDs ready - hello I am at the Post Office at lunch time with a 2 year old - you better believe I was ready to rock and roll.

So I wait in line and tell the lady what I need. She rolls her eyes and comes back with a short form for me to fill out. I need to be verified she tells me. Great I think - she will look at my ID and then I fill out the short form and I will get my box. WRONG! I have to list my name and address on the short form. My pot smoking psycho mail carrier, yep the one who cannot even manage to keep my mail separate from my neighbors, is going to verify that I get mail delivered where I say I do. Then they will call me, then look at my ID and then I can request the P O Box. WHAT?

Now because E was with me, I just did as I was told and left - how is this helpful. I was told by the nice lady this is the process based on the Patriot Act. Ah Ha! I knew it. That ACT was written and passed by very stupid people. People who want to look like they are actually doing something.

What does it prove - if I say I get mail at a certain address. I mean anyone could say that. I get mail at this address - and often I might add, for people who have not lived here in over 8 years. I get mail for the people who lived here before us and their dog. Their dog gets mail. I guess therefore with the right fake ID their dog could get a P O Box under the Patriot Act guidelines. MMM, I bet that would work for terrorists too! MMMM.

This is just yet another example of just how stupid a place we have over regulated ourselves too. I seriously think the next presisent needs to call a State of Emergency. Every Senator, Congress person and aide and secretary need to take every single law on the books and look it over and be charged with task of scrapping 50% of them. There are too many meaningless and useless laws on the books. This includes the tax code, all of it. If it does not make sense and is not practical - it goes. It is basic really. Safety is important. Good fiscal processes, important. Chain of command issues, important. Communication processes, good sense. The tags on the mattresses - kinda silly.

If you read the law out loud and it a) makes no sense or b) you laugh your ass off because it sounds so stupid then a good rule of thumb - would be to rewrite it or just delete it.

Seems like time well spent to me.

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