Sunday, April 27, 2008

Creativity like wine, gets better with age...

Last night we went to the Smuggler's Cafe located in the Big Dog Motorcycle showroom. The band playing was Paradox -a great cover band. The guys in the band seemed to be around our age and they were all really talented. The played well, sang well and the songs were tight. A great rocking experience!

H and I were discussing creativity last night and I told him I think we grow into our creative expression - at least I have. In my twenties I was so busy with the rat race and trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be - trying to be a grown up - that I forgot just how important my creative spirit was to me.

As children, I think we use creativity daily, to solve problems, to express ourselves. Children use art and the creative process to find what appeals to them most. They draw, paint, mold, build and design.

As adults I think some of that quest for knowledge, that desire to create and the process gets lost in the day in and day out struggles.

It is no big surprise then, that as we get older - in my case - entering my mid 30s, that we try to rebuild that process. Many moms I know make note cards with stamps or scrapbook. Take cake decorating classes or learn to sew. Knitting and other needle work are also popular choice. The hobbies are a way to tap that inner creative child. Creativity feeds the soul.

For me, I went back to something I had done since high school. I journaled, then I decided to do the public journal - my blog. Then I moved into stories and poetry. Now I am freelancing and pursuing my fiction.

H is talking about picking up with piano lessons or maybe guitar lessons - something he has not done since a child.

Being creative is soulful, enjoyable and challenging. Ultimately, I think it keeps us young.


Anonymous said...

work beats it out of people. they hire the one that shows the most creativity, then make sure they do exactly as told.

cool about h!

Paradox said...

Thanks for the props and kind comments regarding our gig at Big Dog Cafe!