Saturday, May 17, 2008

Green Mud

Well that is what it looked like and well it smelled like a mixture of mud and herbs. I am talking about Henna. I decided to try and color my hair - code for hide the gray - using a natural product. I have been having it colored at my salon, and even though they use Aveda products, it is still chemicals and artificial and well, I am not sure I want to continue that process and well I know I am not ready to age gracefully - I am SO not that old yet.

So I went to LUSH and bought a brick of Henna. It looks like a big thick slightly greenish chocolate bar. I used half the bar, based on some research and the sales clerk's recommendations and well, first shot out of the gate I think less is more.

So I chopped, mixed with hot water and "cooked" the Henna over the hot water bath for a few minutes before heading to my towel covered bathroom sink to get started. Paintbrush and hair clips in hand, I started the process of painting it on my hair. Now I must say - I have more hair than the average girl, it is long and it is thick! It has much body and bulk. (I did recently have it trimmed and layered and that helped!) It took me a while, but I got the green mud painted on and then I wrapped my head in saran wrap, a shower cap and then a heated towel.

Then I went to work. Cleaned up the mess, cleaned up the kitchen and wrote 2 articles, all in the hour and 45 minutes I needed to leave the stuff on. I could have left it on for up to three hours - but again - first shot out of the gate - baby steps seemed prudent. (Not to mention it took me forever to get it rinsed out of my hair.)

So far so good. My hair is not screaming red - not yet. I guess it continues to work its magic for a few hours to days after it the Henna is washed out. The green mud smell is lingering, which is fine, it is not unpleasant just strange.

I will keep you updated!

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