Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Here I am

I have not been blogging as much as I used to- since I am busy writing and getting paid. The most recent edition of Columbus Living is out and it looks oh so spiffy. Check it out. I do like writing for them and while getting paid to write is huge, talking with so many inspiring and committed business owners is so exciting.

Much is made of small business owners - especially during an election year. I however have more experience and exposure to corporations - from my time with Firm X. I think it is so energizing to hear about a small business owner's vision and drive. The same is true for the locally owned smaller corporations.

I think there is something infectious about passion. That energizing force that pushes some people forward. There is a special inner drive, which sets them apart. I think it is part vision, part means, part opportunity and part desire. Mixed in is confidence and inspiration and a can do spirit.

So I am going the same direction - I am in the process of getting mu website up and running. A friend took some pictures of me - for my surprise - which I promise to unveil soon and for my website! I have a To-DO and I am working on it bit by bit!

Baby step and bit by bit I a building a busy which I enjoy and is at a pace that suits me and the little people and a job that feeds my soul verses stealing it.

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