Thursday, May 8, 2008

YouBar Yummy in my Tummy!

I have grown a bit tired of the Lar Bars and decided to give these guys a try! In the easy grab and go granola bars arena it is hard to find a tasty DAIRY, OAT, WHEAT, CORN free choice. With YouBars, You can design your own bar and they will mail a box to you. It was easy - their website walks you through the process and offers recommendations and suggestions. The ingredients are well described, so I was not left guessing whether I could eat the stuff or not.

I did a combo of almond butter, chocolate, cherries, coconut and almonds. Yum! H even liked it ! I think I am going to re-order.

You can pay via paypal which is nice and they shipped them to me via USPS priority mail.

So it was a yummy treat today and I plan to try one again tomorrow.

Another Bonus - You get to name your bar. I called mine Coconut for Cherries.


Cyn said...

You should conider doing a blog just about your rice/soy only diet. You could probably guide a lot of people.

Cyn said...
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