Monday, May 26, 2008

Nutty Flax and Nutty Rice

I discovered Perky's Nutty Flax and Nutty Rice while standing in line at Whole Foods. The lady behind me had driven over an hour and had a cart full of the cereal. Now I have all but given up on cereal, since I cannot eat oats, wheat, corn and maybe barley (the jury is out.) So other than crispy rice and Honey and Rice Puffins - the choice is slim and well - I like to make my calories count and those choices are not all that nutritional dense. They also lack fiber!

Nutty Flax is packed with fiber and tastes good. The Nutty Rice has less fiber, but is crunchy and holds up to soy milk just fine. Very tasty with some fruit thrown in.

I just made the Nutty Flax cereal bars and while I have not tasted them yet - they look like an adult version of rice crispy treats and are healthy to book - raisins, almond butter and chocolate chips. I cannot wait to dive in!

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