Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mind Body Connection

It has been awhile since I have reflected on the mind body connection. I am still not eating alot of things, and have been at the encouragement of a friend experimenting and trying to add some new foods to my regimen. My menu is limited but in a good way I find for the most part. I certainly do not fall prey to any of these big time traps and I honestly have always likes fruits and veggies and rice. So it is all good.

For the last month or so, I have been feeling a bit out of whack. I feel fine in a general sense, but after learning to listen to my body I very much sense when something is wrong. My body tells me what it needs and it is my job to listen. My personal trainer is a huge fan and vocal advocate for watching for body language. He believes in our power to heal ourselves by being mindful, eating right and developing life long fitness goals.

My natural physician is the same. He believes in supporting our bodies and listening to our bodies. He likes to strive for balance and limit intervention.

So after listening to my body and deciding something was out of balance, I went to visit my doctor today and we talked and at first he was thinking we would just watch and see if my body decided to communicate in a more direct way. Then he did some scanning - which is more or less a conversation - some bio feedback if you will and decided that no my body was communicating clearly and now I am going to take some supplements to see if I cannot quietly support my body as it strives to heal and find balance again.

Ok so now I know most of you are running off screaming that I have lost my mind, but have I? I went to no less than 6 MDs when I was plagued with yeast infects, random rashes, fatigue, crazy upset stomachs and none of them could figure out what was bothering me. They could treat the symptoms with cream that cost an arm and leg and they could vaguely say maybe I was allergic to something and refer me to an allergist with a massive waiting list.

Thru some muscle testing, my homeopathic doctor isolated the foods I was sensitive too and in 2 weeks, I was feeling like a million dollars. Does that mean I think MDs are bad - not at all. My mom is seeing a top shelf endocrinologists who had drastically improved the quality of her life! They are managing her metastatic thyroid disease beautifully, not to mention her diabetes and high blood pressure.

When I have an infection - like ear or throat, I go see my wonderful MD, who does not get the homeopathic stuff but is happy with my commitment to my overall health and well being.

I think MDs are great - especially those who specialize in putting us back together. My goal however is head the big stuff off at the pass. My gene pool sucks frankly and therefore I am dedicated to being as healthy as I can be for as long as I can be. I would rather not in my 60s be visiting the top shelf and rather young endocrinologist! I would rather not be cultivating a relationship with a oncologist. It is a gamble, but not eating pizza is a gamble I am willing to take!

I am the mom who loved to run and play and climb with my kids. I am the mom who runs half marathons and bikes with an extra 100 pounds in the trailer. I am the mom who organizes fantastic outings. I am the mom who is mindful that what she eats impacts her and that her body will tell her exactly what it needs - if only she listens.

I am the woman who is investing in herself, striving for a long and active life, hoping to be strong and vibrant for years to come. The human body is a great invention, which we fail, I think, to give enough time and attention to.


Cyn said...

When you told me about your diet and you said "but I feel so good" I didn't realize you were so sick before. I thought you meant "so good" like I feel so good when I drink enough water.

I know the western medical world blames stress on everything. My older brother does everything on the planet to have a "peaceful, mindful life." TM, feng shui, meditation garden, new age music, aromatherapy, many vacations, weekly massage, you name it. Then the food... all organic, many suppliments, as I say "anything that prevents anything." Green tea for this cancer, almonds for that cancer, grapefruit juice for yet another. Here's the thing...he's had a pacemaker for 10 years because of some indeterminate arythmia and currently battles some undiagnosed severe abdominal pain.

Having said that, I have to add, he has some serious unaddressed psychological issues. In denial about a lot of issues, most surrounding my my late mother. Also issues with his father (not my father).

I am not saying you have psychological issues, but I'd be surprised if you don't. We all do. No one emerges unscathed from any of the decades and life changes we have lived through. So I like your title "Mind Body Connection." Like my shoulder, I am convinced it is a "psychological injury" but that's another story for another day.

Susan said...

Yeah I think for the better part of my life I have felt Ugh! I now feel really good and I am getting over this little period of blah....

I think it is all the connected - the mind and body and totally believe stress can make us sick and that being sick physically takes a toll on us mentally... it is all connected.