Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Monday #1

It is no secret, writers and musicians have alot in common. Classically I think you see writers and musicians hanging out, getting drunk, creating, sharing their artistic angst. Certainly there have been some fantastical writer musician combos. Some musicians are amazing writers and some writers are well, like me, tone deaf. I hear music in words... the poetry is a music all its own.

It is not uncommon to see writers write about music which has influenced something they have written. I am not any different. Certain music sets a tone. Sometimes music I hear on the radio sparks an idea. Sometimes music makes me angry. The words, the beat, all of the above. When I get angry, I often write.

I have decided to start a blog feature called Music Monday. I will post a video of a song, which has caught my attention, made me think or influenced me in some way. I might explain it or I might just post it.

Today I am posting one that E commented on this morning. I will say, I refuse to limited their musical exposure and perhaps this is the wrong choice, but since I am not listening to explicit RAP, we listen to the radio, I will defer to the judgment of the FCC. I have spoken about my thoughts on language and with rare exception, I think all words have a time and place. Bitch is just such a word. He hasn't asked, but if he does we will talk about it, how it is used and why some people object. I in general am more irritated about the causal use of the word "hate" than I am any other four letter word. Words are not naughty. Words have power, learning to harness that power is what I want my kids to understand.

If someone is motivated to call me a bitch, I have either a) really done something to deserve such title, b) written something that needed written and someone who should learn something is resisting and projecting, or c) being called "bitch" reflects less on me more on the person doing the word selection. (I have no illusions, I can be and am sometimes a bitch.)

This song came on CD101 this morning as we went to school and E said, "Man, I like this one."

I happen to like it too. I suspect he likes the beat, he is very much tuned into rhythm. I like the rhythm and the sentiment.

Hugo - 99 Problems

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