Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Monday: First record I ever bought

Today I take you down memory lane. For some of you, I imagine you couldn't identify a 45mm record at all. I must have been about 13 or 14 years old and I bought this 45mm record with babysitting money at Record Land or Music Land at the local mall. (I think it is around here somewhere or I sold it recently. We don't have a record player, so it is rather useless to have laying around.) I missed the 8 track tape phase, neighbors had an 8 track player, but we never did. My parents when from a record player to cassette tapes to CDs.

I had a portable record player as a kid and I played it non-stop. In truth I bought only a few records before tapes took over. I had mostly tapes when H and I met and moved in together. He had the CDs and I eventually sold my tapes and either replaced them with CDs or did without.

Now we have iPods and download the music we want. I haven't bought a non-kid related CD in years.

I remember my mom had these inserts for the 45s, which made it easy to play them on the turn table. They were red and yellow and looked like poker chips with holes in the center. She kept them in the console record player in a baby food jar. I had a portable record player in my bed room. I listened to story records and music. When I was older it was audio books on tape from the library. Records from the library were a mixed bag, so often they were scratched.

The kids have CD players in their rooms. Once upon a time L wouldn't go to sleep without music, now she wants the room quiet. E loves his music. He won't go to sleep without it.

H refuses to have any music on when we go to sleep, I like to listen to audio books or music, so I listen to my iPod before bed. It works.

So here it is, the first music I ever spent money on. I still like this song, it makes me smile, for a variety of reasons.

Dexys Midnight Runners, Come on Eileen

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