Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is not honorable its cruel

Ok I gotta tell ya, I am a culturally sensitive gal. I respect every culture and its rights to rituals and customs that I might not understand. But this has to stop.

There is no reason that a young girl or woman should have her clitoris or other parts of her genitalia removed - by a physician or otherwise. NO REASON. NONE. It serves no earthly purpose. Frankly, it is not honorable, that parents would subject their daughters to this kind of lifelong pain and suffereing. Let's just call it what it is. Child abuse.

Family honor and all that aside, this is vicious. This is cruel to deny women and girls the pleasure their bodies were designed to have.

I am glad to see that Britain is taking a harsh stand. I am glad that women are speaking out about this horrible practice.

I also have this to say, no matter who you call God, what you call God, and what you hold to be honorable. I believe that a just God, will punish those who abuse young children. Who hurt those who cannot defend themselves.

So my question to those that advocate and practice FGM - "Is you your God just? Will your cruelty go unpunished? Is it not your job to protect from harm and love your daughters and your sisters ." FGM is harm my friends. Big Time! It is not loving, it will not protect them, and you are doing them a disservice.

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IHateToast said...

oh it's all about control. women mutilated cannot run, cannot enjoy sex, cannot thrive. what better way to keep a woman in check?