Friday, April 20, 2007

Are you being served???

I am a bit of a customer service NAZI. I have high expectations. I think it has to do with working in financial services for such a long time. Service, Service, Service. That is really all you have to sell. That said, I have been working on lowering my standards. I know, that is sinking to the level of mediocre, which seems rather pervasive in this country - but honestly it is best for my blood pressure and overall well being.

But I have to share this one with you. (As a bit of background, I have taken on straighten out the business affairs at our church.)

So Chase Bank sent to us a notice that they needed a w-9. So I set about getting the correct signatures and at some point the return postage paid envelop was lost, misplaced, eaten by monsters, buried under other paper - you pick your poison - but bottom line it is AWOL and I needed an address.

So I called the 800 number for customer service. (Oh, why do I put myself thru this kind of torture?) After entering my account number twice, listening the auto menu, which did not have a choice that truly fit my question - I selected the closed item and then I got to hold. I just love holding......

After holding a bit, a very friendly woman answered - informed me I had dialed the wrong number for customer service ( Funny, it was the number printed on the letter - which had been sent to us...... like I picked this number at random.) She then transferred me, to another number, where I had to re-enter my account number and pick a somewhat related choice, from the menu, for my query. Great!

Then I got C, who I am guessing really loves her job. Not! She was a bit flat on the phone, but I charged ahead with my query. I just wanted an address, so that I could mail back the form. Seemed simple to me......

"You misplaced the postage paid envelop? We send those out for a reason!" she exclaimed.

Yeah, well shit happens everyday! But I remain polite and told her that it seems that it is gone and instead of delaying the return of the form, I would just like to get the address - so that I can return the form. So she puts me on hold. FOREVER.

Now, having worked in the finance services industry - I know all about document retention out- sourcing and that there are departments everywhere and anywhere, who handle this sort of thing, but truly - I find it hard to believe that I am the only one who has misplaced a self addressed postage paid envelope. In fact, I can name 5 former clients who I had, off the top of my head, who routinely misplaced envelops and documents that I had mailed them.

So eventually C comes back on the line and states that she could not help me. She had no idea where I should send the form. She suggested I walk into a local branch and see if they could help me. (Ok, I am getting a little steamed now!) So I asked for clarification.....

"So you are saying that you have no idea where I should send this form. That seems strange. I mean you all sent the form to me."

"Well that is why we include an envelop. You should keep track of the envelop, then you would have the address." she replies.

Come again??? There is now steam coming out of my ears.

But I am forever polite.

"Yes, well I appreciate that and I will endeavor to do better in the future. However, I have this form and I would like to return it to the bank. Perhaps I could speak to your supervisor and see if she has the address."

C informs me that she had spoken to her supervisor and her supervisor suggested "I walking myself into our local branch and see if they could help me."

Oh, I am so not happy. But because this is the new me and I am working for a church, I simply thank C for her time and let her hang up. Little does she know, but at the beginning of the call, I was selected to take a survey.

So I offered some fair criticism as to her job performance - using the 5 point scale. Then to my surprise they wanted me to explain to the the voicemail my problem and why I was not satisfied. Which I did. Being very sweet and polite. (Which nearly killed me......)

I then filed the form away, figuring if Chase truly needed the form at this point, they would mail me another request - with the ever popular and seemingly mythical return address.

So to my delight and surprise, tonight some called from Chase, in reference to my feedback - with an address. WOW! There really is somewhere to return the form to and someone actually listens to the feedback.

I hope C learns something here, but I do not plan to hold my breath.

The form is in the mail as we speak!


Angelle Trieste said...

I hate saying it, but Chase has some really crappy agents who don't know @#$%! I had to call over seven times over 3 months period before something got resolved. *shaking head*

Susan said...

Yeah! I tend to think of the 800 numbers as customer dis-service lines, but it is all we have got to work with. Boggles the mind really.