Monday, April 16, 2007

Are you kidding me?


Alright, I have never understood the attraction to joining the mile high club. Seriously, is having sex at 35,000 feet really any different than doing it at or slightly above sea level. It must be the thrill of getting caught or some perverse thrill of causing a line to the bathroom, when several dozen people are also on the plane needing the bathroom, right after the beverage service.

I thought it was just a myth, a nice story to tell people, while drinking on vacation. But no, I know someone who did on a recent trip and H has said that it happens and he should know, he is an airline pilot.

But seriously, the physics of the matter baffle me. I mean, I could hardly get into the bathroom, on both the Airbus 340 and the 767 - we took on our flights to and from Germany, with L to help her and changing E - please that was huge exercise in contortionism. So the idea of two full size people, getting down and dirty in one of these tiny closet boggles the mind. I mean, there is no sink ledge to speak of. The toilet is way too low and the baby changing station, which folds out of the wall barely holds a baby, let alone providing a convenient seat for an adult. Furthermore, the one time I squooze the three of us into the bathroom on the return trip, E demonstrated that the weight of a two year old can open the door, so forget leaning against that and getting it on.

And speaking of dirty, by the end of the 9 hour trip, the bathroom is a bit gross..... so I guess if you can figure out the physics of the matter - you need to do it early in the flight.......

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