Thursday, April 12, 2007


Well we are back. Got in last night. We are reasonably awake, for now and everyone is happy to be home.

So now that I have made it back I will offer some sage advice on how to travel transatlantic with two little people! (almost alone.....)

1. Pack light! Seriously. Unless you are going to hinterlands - you can buy everything you need at your destination. I try to take as little as possible.

2. I cannot say enough good things about Ziploc bags. I pack alot of things in baggies. You can see thru them and get what you need - all without having alot of stuff floating around your bag.

3. Bring things to do. Like books, coloring stuff, nothing with really small pieces - but some old and well loved stuff & some new and intriguing stuff.

4. Make a list and check it 1000 times before you leave.

5. Have a folder that has all you important documents and travel info. This keeps it neat and organized.

6. Understand that sometimes kids make noise. Any adult in the area that does not get that - either has no kids and/or has forgotten.

7. Candy-- lots of it and in small doses. Also think pretzels, nuts, raisins & gum. If their mouths are full they cannot - in theory scream, wine, or talk so loud/much!

8. Take a day for yourself before you leave. Your nerves will thank you.

9. Wear comfortable clothes. Also think about what you dress the kids in. Make sure it is easy on and easy off.

10. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Also, be firm with the TSA and other airport staff. Nice but firm. Refuse to be hurried or bullied. You need a bit more time than the average traveler. (There is a TSA employee in Philly who got told off by me - in the nicest possible way :) )

11. Know that eventually you will get where you are going.

12. Being a mom is a job that is totally portable. Why no enjoy all the joys of motherhood - from somewhere exotic!

13. Drink lots of water and then a glass of wine once you have arrived. You did it and all is well with the world.....

Ok, so where are you going????

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IHateToast said...

i traveled from melbourne to LAX one time with a woman and her two small ones. she included pillows. she does the trip a lot. she is a yank living on oz and has that 17-hour flight down pat. she stuffs the pillows around the kids so they are comfy and can flop sideways and sleep. i was next to them. they slept! or stayed nestled.

she also said that snacking them often made them less punchy before the meals and allowed her to get them fed without the desperate lunge.

glad you're back!