Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feedin' my mind, my soul & my tummy

I have been in NYC, since Thursday. I came for some R & R and to visit my roommate and dear friend from college. NYC is always a good time. There is so much to see and do. I absolutely love the buzz, diversity, and energy that is NYC.

I could not live here long term. But for the occasional long weekend, I love it. It feeds my mind and my soul. (and my tummy)

I normally try to balance the pursuit of shopping with that of a bit of culture. It is a good balance I think. Not to mention, working in some culinary enjoyment as well.

This trip, I enjoyed shopping on Thursday afternoon and some great Thai and Middle eastern Food. Yumm-o! (Bought a killer dress at Brooklyn Industries & asked that they hold a bag at the SoHo store - for Friday pick up!)

Then Friday, the weather shifted and it was raining cats and dog, when I woke up. But I wanted to run in the park. (Prospect Park, Park Slope) So I went anyway. It was an awesome run. The rain was really warm and the park was lovely.

Then more shopping. The rain let up and we hit Brooklyn Industries & Kate's Paperie In SoHo. Then S and I split up and I was heading to the Strand Bookstore, but as I emerged from the subway the rain had gotten worse and I decided shopping could wait.

So I went to the Metropolitan. I spent the balance of my day there. While I like the Met and have been there before, I tend to find it a bit overwhelming. There is so much Art and so little time. As I get older, I find I just cannot process it all at once. I want to really look and consider. I like to take time to think about it. I also find I have a real sense of what I like and what I do not. That is not to say that I want to only stay in my comfort zone. I want to challenge myself a bit too. So with all that in mind, I used the map and made some key selections. I knew from experience that I could not see it all, so why try, better to have a plan. So that said, I decided to hit the European paintings, then the temporary exhibit, "Venice & Islamic Art", the small exhibition of artists from Barcelona (Spain) and then to challenge myself, I decided to go thru the Modern Gallery. In general, I find modern - modern stuff does not work for me, but hey - it is about mental stretching, no?

I really enjoy the Venice and Barcelona exhibit. I also spent some time looking at my favorites, Rubins, Manet, Monet, Bonnard. I find that they really are works of beautiful things, places.

Then I looked at the Modern Art. Some of it is very nice, abstract can work for me. Avaunt Guard too, but sometimes I just do not get it. (More on that in a future post.)

Then I head out. I need to let my brain rest a bit. I sought out a Starbucks and then dinner.

After dinner I hit the Guggenheim. (more on that in the art post)

Then back to my friend's. It was an hour by train, but Friday had been a good day.

On Saturday we shopped more. On the lower East Side and the East Village. Big fun. Bought another killer dress. (actually 2 but who is counting......)

Then home and dinner with a friends of my friend. A lovely way to cap off a lovely day.

Sunday brought more running in the park and brunch a Applewood. Which was a great restaurant. Loved it.

So, I am heading back home, with a full tummy, a relaxed and feed soul. My tummy is pretty full too.

Nothing like sharing some great times with a great friend in a great city.

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