Friday, April 13, 2007

It's all alot closer over there!

I did not really have the time to post while I was overseas, so I will spend the next few days sharing with you a bit about my travels!
H met up with me while we were in Muenster. P allowed us to run off for a day with his car, so we decided to check the surrounding area. Muenster is in the north western part of Germany, very near the boarder with the Netherlands. We spent a very lovely morning and afternoon in Steinfurt and then decided an afternoon drive was in order - so that the little people could sleep. So H was driving and it was a lovely day - very clear and sunny. As we were driving along the Bundesstrass - I causally remarked that there were a lot of cars with Netherlands license plates. MMM, interesting! Then as we continued to drive - almost all the cars had NL tags. Then I look up and - there it was - the large sign welcoming us to the Netherlands.

Intellectually I knew we were close - but I like most Americans look at maps with an American point of view. Sure Indiana is close to Ohio on the map - but from Columbus it is 2 plus hour car trip. Maps are based on a scale, but seriously everything in Europe is very close together. I went from the southern part of the country back to Muenster in 4 hours. It takes longer to get from Cleveland to Cincinnati!

So we did the smart thing and turned around at the first chance and headed back to Germany. But I did snap these photos!

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