Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Getting to know Leslie Kelly

I read Alison Kent's blog regularly. I was lucky enough to win some books from this contest she held a few weeks ago. I have never read anything from Leslie Kelly - how that happened I am not sure, but it is in fact the case. Well, now I have and I have to say I enjoyed it very much. Leslie's style is very readable - the right blend of storytelling, humor and romance.

The first book I read was:

I think this was a great read the premise is very believable. It is a July release from HQN, you can order it from Amazon or from eHarlequin coming in July (I looked you cannot get it yet. Although other Leslie Kelly titles are on the back list there, which could tide you over....) or at Barnes and Noble.

I also read:

This novella is connected to She's No Angel. I really liked this story. It was very sweet, took on a few tough issues and was fun. The thing I think I liked the most was the hero. I know --don't we always love the hero - but here I liked him as a person. He was a good guy, who had seen some terrible stuff and just was not sure what to do with himself going forward. That vulnerability was very nice to see. The crazy carnival stuff was funny too. I have to say - Leslie packed alot into one short story. (This book is also available from the Amazon, eHarlequin, and Barnes and Noble.)

While both of these books are part of a series - they stood alone very well.

Want to get to know Leslie Kelly a little bit more - go visit her here. Want to know what Leslie is thinking? She blogs over here! Want to see which other books go with this series, check out the back list here!

Thanks again Leslie for the chance to get to know you and your books and thanks Alison, for selecting me to do this! It was great fun.

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