Friday, June 22, 2007

Something fun on Friday

Today I am in a creative mood. I woke up with a story on my mind. (Which I frantically made notes about - so that I would not lose it.) The seed of this story came from a conversation I had the other day with a friend. The power of words, of images is amazing to me. A seemingly normal conversation about nothing special - in my imagination - can morph into something very powerful and compelling.

But as I said - Friday is for fun, so I am posting this little Visual. It is my Visual DNA. By picking some pictures, this site "reads" your personality. It is rather accurate on some things and a bit off on others.

Enjoy. If you do it, make sure you comment so that we can compare notes.

1 comment:

IHateToast said...

i don't understand how we can be so pressured to wax just a smidgen of spider legs from our netherlands, but guys go out totally bedecked in hair and don't seem to care. there is a think for back, sack and crack. oy!