Monday, June 2, 2008

Creativity focused

L is a big creative force in a small package. She loves to draw and paint and color and sing and dance. She is a high energy girl. I sometimes struggle to keep her creativity focused and to further her inspiration!

I have recently found some great crafts which we can do together. We recently made this poncho and just started this purse yesterday. It is sometimes slow going - but so worthwhile. Good mother daughter time and a great way to focus her creative spirit.

I also recently found a great game for her to keep her mind busy! Rush Hour Jr. is like a puzzle game for one.

Here's to a great summer!


Sam said...

If only I had known Rush Hour Jr was sitting aorund your house. I own and LOVE the adult versions with cars and with trains.

Susan said...

It wasn't - I actually bought it yesterday and well it is a huge hit. I so am going to go get the adult version it is so much fun:)

Cyn said...

Purse and poncho, so cute. I am so intrigued by the bedazzler, I wish I had a little girl so we could bedazzle all her stuff. I think my Luckies would look pretty stupid with rhinestone studs on the pockets.