Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It is still here....

You know you have been blogging for awhile, when you forget if you have covered a topic already or not and frankly I am not going back thru all my blogs to see if I have or not.

My mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when L was a newborn. She had a thryiodectomy and then a 2 courses of radioactive iodine (which makes her glow in the dark - well not really but she is radioactive for a bit of time.) Then she went on synthetic thyroid hormone maintenance meds and that is supposed to be it.

Two years ago before she had surgery to correct some deterioration of her 4th and 5th cervical vertebrae, the pre op x-rays detected some spots in her lungs. Then came the MRI and then the PET scan.After she recovered from the surgery - she once again did some radioactive iodine. (After many many tests and lengthy doctor visits and some turf waring....)

Well the day glow cocktail did not work - and we are faced with not only did it not kill off the tissues first discovered - yeah well there is more, which has come to join the party. This is not the news we were hoping for in the least. The cancer cells are in the area of the body where the wind pipe splits and the bronchial tubes branch off into the lungs. Surgery is not an option and it is not the best place to have extra tissue and cells laying around - clogging up the works.

So we are off to a super specialist at OSU Medical Center. The correct direction is forward but sometimes I just want to throw things at who ever thinks this is a good idea. I happen to think my mother has been thru enough and has control of her blood pressure and her diabetes and is entitled to some peace and quiet as she nears retirement. She is entitled to relaxing with her grandbabies.

But we all know life is not fair! Not in the least and the challenges presented to us can be met with a panic attack or with grace! I am praying for grace! It is baby steps and the next big step is figuring out where to park at OSU when we go see the specialist!

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