Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: The Box Tops -- The Letter

"My baby sending me a letter" seems somehow much more powerful than "my girl, she sent me an email."

Maybe I am just biased. I am not sure.

Do people still write letters? I suppose so, there are places in the world where the Internet cannot/does not reach. Last week I volunteered in E's classroom and the teacher had me assembling booklets, so = the kids could write letters back and forth with their big buddies. She had the preformatted sheets set up like an old fashion letter, with a line for the date at the top right and two lines on the lower right for the closing remark and signature.

For a minute I was taken aback. Do we still use that format? Business letters are usually left justified these days.

I have a stack of letters H sent me back when we were dating. It was in the early days on the internet and I did not have reliable leisure time access to a computer or the World Wide Web.

I am not sure what my obsession with letters has been of late. I feel like maybe I should write more letters. Is it a lost art. I think clearly this is why the Postal Service is on the brink, well bad customer service is a major contributor, but really it is a lack of demand for their services. Other than birthday and Christmas, and maybe other Hallmark holidays, the number of letters sent seems to be steadily decreasing.

So my challenge to you this week. Write a letter, lick a stamp and mail someone a letter. It might just make their day.

As to this song. I remember hearing this song for the first time on cassette tape (yeah, something else you just don't see that much of anymore.) My mom was subscribing to a series or something of "Oldies." I am not sure what it resonates with me, but it does.

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