Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Phone Photo Sets Week 3 Grey

I think Grey is a fascinating color. I actually like smokey greys as a color choice. I have more than a few grey sweaters in my closet. While I favor the deeper greys, the smokey color, I do like the light greys and the heathers as well.

As I was thinking about what to photograph this month, I was thinking about shades of grey. There is silver, pewter, steel, smokey, gunmetal, light grey, dark grey, weathered grey, battleship, ash, charcoal, cadet, blue-grey, green-grey and the list I think goes one and one. Grey can be a soft shade or a harder edged shade.

In the programing world there seems to be a few less shades than at the paint store:

light gray


dark gray

dim gray

lights late gray

slate gray

dark slate gray

(from Wikipedia...


In thinking about photography, it seems to me that Black and White photos are really all about shades of grey. In this photo challenge, in editing the photos, I resisted the urge to change the photos to B & W.

I also do wonder which spelling is correct, Grey or Gray. I have found that in the US we favor Gray and in Britain they favor Grey and both are equally correct. So just like much of life, the spelling of grey is more or less gray area and not exactly black and white.

I have to say, I think gray was the easiest color yet. I am currently sweating this weeks color! Yellow!!!

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