Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Phone Photo Sets Week 2: Red

When I first took on this challenge, I was certain white was going to be hard to capture. Not so, white proved a walk in the park compared to red. Red is a bold intense color. The color of passion.

 In the literature black and white are often portrayed as opposites, but red and white are just as often portrayed as opposites. So true for photos as well. While I am overall pleased with my set of photos, I have to say, I was not at all pleased with a number of my photos. Finding 4 good ones was a mighty challenge. I seemed to have the most trouble with over exposure. Which could have to do with me, the iPhone camera, or me, or the lighting, or the color red, or did I mention, me.

In any event, here are my photos for this week. If you did not swing over to Show&Tell last, shame on you. You really must. The white photos were breath taking, simply breath taking, I could not pick a favorite photo or set for that matter. All so good.

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