Monday, February 20, 2012

MyGlam: My Review

I discovered MyGlam from my Twitter stream. It is a service very similar to Birchbox. For $10, MyGlam will mail you a make up pouch full of full-sized items or deluxe samples (which I think of purse sized versions of many products.)

I have to say that from the beginning I was not sold on MyGlam. The website is a bit less than user friendly. I also followed them on Facebook and Twitter, which was likely a mistake. Over use of twitter was annoying and I ended up muting them via Echofon.

When I heard they were having shipping issue with their January bags, I followed that conversation on Facebook for awhile and then quietly canceled my subscription. I was resigned to just being out my $10. I could not locate a contact me function on the MyGlam website and I decided this would a $10 lesson learned. After seeing a few not so positive reviews, I just let the matter go.

Imagine then my surprise, when I discover this in my mailbox just the other day...

Apparently in the flood of tweets, Facebook posts, and spammy emails, I missed the fact that I had signed up for the February Bag and not the January Bag.

While I love the glam of the make up bag, the items in the bag were not exactly what I had in mind when I think of full sized portions of make up and skin care items.

The kiddos ate the two squares of chocolate and I am intrigued by the creme eyeshadow, the rest of the items and the odd "gift card" did not really do it for me. I have no idea what I will do with the shine inhibitor, I haven't had that issues in years and years.

It terms of presentation? I think they are onto something. The bag is super cute and the bubble mailer, love the shiny pink.

All in all I am excited I actually got a bag and I am equally satisfied with my decision to cancel my subscription. I think MyGlam is more than likely not targeting us ladies in our 30s and is perfect for highschool and college and new professional ladies.

I also think, if MyGlam is to survive, tone down the over tweeting and focus on improving your site. Your business model is great, your sense of style and piazza, fantastic, the execution and professionalism and perhaps overall focus, needs a bit of tweaking.

All in all, I think this worked out well and I wish MyGlam lots of future success.

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