Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday -- M.A.R.S. - Pump Up The Volume

What I really wanted to find was a song about needles or pins. What I settled for was one of my favorites from a long, long time ago. This is most likely where my obsession with house music began.

Lately my life has been full of pins and needles. I am sewing more now than in a long time and I am sorting all my backlog of projects and trying to attack them one by one. They are many and varied. I will keep you posted and blog about them as I complete them.

Also I have been visiting an acupuncturist. Lots of pins. So many of them, all over my body.

For people who know me well, this is NO, let me repeat, NO small feat. I hate needles. Loathe them. I detest getting blood drawn, to the point that I can't watch. I struggle with seeing people getting an IV or giving blood. I struggle with it worse than a vampire on his worst day. It nearly killed me as I had to hold the kiddos down as the nurse gives them their vaccines.

In fact, I refused an IV until the doctor insisted I get one when I was giving birth to L. (I still don't think I needed one, thank you very much.)

That said, after I was very sick at Christmas time, my tummy tied in knots and the bloat beyond control, I decided to make some changes. Which I have been doing and I can detail them later, but I also decided to explore other alternative medicine approaches.

H has been to an acupuncturist before. He struggles with sleep and it helped some, so I thought, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So far after 3 treatments, I have noticed some positive changes. I tend to carry alot of tension in my neck and shoulders and that seems to been decreasing. I also have noticed that the puffiness in my midsection is noticeably decreased.

I also have a sense of wellness and lightness afterwards.

So while I am still not a fan of needles or pins -- other than for sewing, I am keeping an open mind. Acupuncture has been practiced for centuries and I highly doubt people would keep doing it for centuries if it did not have at least some effect on a person's overall wellness.

So for now I will just keep pinning away and that might well be a record.

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