Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snapaphoto: Week 3 Candid of a stranger

Ok. This was hard. First of all, getting a candid shot is hard, people just don't stand still, especially when someone with a camera is lurking about. Secondly, other people seem to get really annoyed or agitated when you are randomly shooting photos.

I totally failed on this challenge. In my defense, the weather on Saturday did not help, or I would have been able to get some good shots at the soccer game.

Instead I am stuck, with this not fantastic shot, of someone who is really interesting. This could have been a great shot, had I had my regular camera with me. Instead, I took it with my iPhone.

I love watching this life guard, where the kids take swimming lesson. He has the bored stare down. He always looks bored. Always.

This one is the one I submitted to the contest.

The one below was me playing with it for effects. I love the look on his face, I just wish I had had a better camera to capture it.

Ironically, this coming week, we have to ask random people if we can shoot them. This has to be easier than trying to sneak a picture in.

(I do like the faded quality of this one. It is kinda cool.)

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