Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I am doing it again. Allie is having a contest and I am playing along.

This week it is taking a photo of someone you know.

I took a picture of H. It has been a busy week and he was home the other night and we headed outside as the day faded into evening. I guess to be fair, this is a photo of two someones I know. Snickers just could not leave us be. She was so excited to just be with us. So I had him pick her up and hold her. She wasn't thrilled by the prospect, I think she preferred just being under foot.

I had tried taking him from a variety of angles. It did not work. He looked posed. I wanted to see him, the way I see him. Natural. Although H is fairly reserved, he does have a playful side. I like his half smile, like he is up to something here. (instead he is really holding a squirmy cat.)

Snickers looks put out.

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