Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday - Prom FLASHBACKS part 2

I have been rounding up answers to my prom music question this week. Turns out, alot of us did not go to Prom. At the time, I felt like one of the only people not going. I ended up hanging with a friend or babysitting. I would have gone, had someone asked me to go. Even though I didn't really have the money, I would have figured out how to make it work.

Our underwhelming non-attendance aside-- I did get some people to give me some insights into what music they were loving, during their senior year of high school.

Bee Gees-- More Than a Woman. (I also liked the Bee Gees and 70s disco in general. I still do.)

Michael W. Smith - Someone mentioned that since they went to a Christian school, this was probably what they were listening to... This thought had never occurred to me. I find the idea of Christian or religiously specific rock a very strange concept... I always have.

I guess, I have always thought of it this way:

In Footloose-- the town counsel is meeting to decide about the school Prom and Kevin Bacon's character reads from the Bible, about how dance and song are acts of praise. I suppose then perhaps it is important to limit the scope the music-- although that is not what the passage says specifically.

Madonna -- Vogue

 Wilson Philips - Hold On

I will have to say my musical taste was very elective even in high school. I refused to get pinned down into one specific genre. I did not care for rap particularly, had no use for country music and the boy hair bands did not hold my attention for more than a few minutes.

Siouxie and the Banshees -- Peek A Boo (I bought this on the cassette tape single...)

The Human League - Don't you want me (This one became a fav after my time abroad in Germany. They played it on the radio quiet a bit and in the disco we went to Die Klappe)

I guess what I have learned from this exercise is we may have a favorite song, but it gets replaced with a new favorite song and a new favorite song. We may not remember the song that we just couldn't get enough of back in the day. Perhaps music is important to us, but particular songs fade quickly into a sea of notes.

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