Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birchbox: My Review

I have been a fan of Birchbox for a while now and I have never done a review. Why is that? Why am I more likely to do a review when I have issues with something verses doing a review when I am nothing but happy with something?

All I can say is I am so excited when my Birchbox comes every month, that I tear into it and busy myself looking at all the wonderful new to me make up treats.

I am not one to go to the make up counter and fawn over new colors or formulas. I don't even cruise the make up section at my local drug store or Target. I seldom buy make up, outside of my random purchases from my wonderful Avon rep. (Really, I love their Mark line and I love my Avon rep, she was my mom's rep and she is awesome.)

That said, I know I need to focus on my skin more. I am getting older. When the ladies on Twitter began to sing the praises of Birchbox, I thought, well, why not give it a try. It is clear I am not going to go search out these types of things, so why not have them sent to me. Call me lazy or whatever, I think a sign of maturity is being comfortable in your own skin and understanding what your person patterns are.

I am also cheap. I just don't always see the point in spending more for "high end." At the end of the day, I will cheap out in the drug store aisle or at Target. I also am really loyal, so when I starting the Mary Kay thing when I was working, I didn't always love their stuff, but I had a relationship with my rep and I even tried being a rep. Problem was they changed the formula and I hated it.

So this is what happens when one cheaps out and sticks with a product because of a relationship--

Your 9 year old dancer ends up with more make up in her bathroom than you have in yours. In all fairness some of this was my mom's, but sadly most of it is mine and we have culled this drawer more than once.

So Birchbox. Birchbox has rocked my skin care world. In the 6 months or so I have been with them, I have discovered some amazing products. I have found a soap free cleanser I love. I have found some micro exfoliating powder which is amazing and totally works. I invested in some hair oil which is fab and some at home treatments for that mini facial (aka enforced relaxation moments.)

Do I love everything they send me. No, of course not, but I do love trying it. If it isn't for me, well now I know. If it is, then I enjoy using it or consider buying it. A few things I have given to L for her drawer and others to friends.

I even gave a gift subscription to my sister for her birthday.

I have started a Pinterest Board to track my favorites. (Well share them also.)

I think for the price of $10 a month, this is a great and economical way to explore some new to me skin care, hair care and make up items. It is a nice treat, when the pink box arrives in the mail box. I also like their point system. I can earn a discount by reviewing the items I receive each month and for every dollar I spend, I earn points. Thus far I think I have earned $30 in points and used it to buy something, I might not have bought otherwise.
 I love the pink box. It makes opening the mailbox, which is generally ALL JUNK, a moment of excitement. Now it shouldn't be a huge surprise, because honestly they email me and tell me it is on its way and you can track the package. Even still, it is still a thrill to open the mail box and have my birchbox sitting on top of the daily junk.

Presentation. I am a presentation nut. They always make it feel special. Colorful wrap, nice arrangement. It isn't just thrown in a box. Presentation is important. It sounds silly, I know, but it makes the monthly birchbox feel like a present I am giving to myself. Which can be a nice pick me up, as much as the make up inside the box is.

I don't have a single complaint. They provide a consistent and fun experience each month. Customer service is great and they have a handle on social media. If you can't find them, you haven't been looking.

(I do get a referral bonus. So if you are thinking about trying Birchbox, click on the links in this blog post. Or ask me to send you a link.)

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