Monday, June 11, 2012

I actually don't love trash -- but Oscar the Grouch claims he does.

Sunday morning the kiddos and I took our good friend to visit a new park very close to us. It was hot. I had totally under estimated the weather change overnight. A family was setting up for a graduation party in the shelter house. The breeze would keep them cool, but it was going to be a hot day.

As we walked towards the playground, I noticed some soda cans. I picked them up, then I happened upon a plastic Walmart bag. Then I found some random water bottles. Then I was on a mission. I cleared the playground area of litter with the help of my friend. We filled the bag and then some. The playground area is not that big.

Seriously. There are trash cans in the park, are they every two feet, no but my thought is if you can carry it into the park, you can carry it back out with you, or to the nearest trash can. How lazy are people?

I think litter and littering is the sign of a less than intelligent person. I can excuse many flaws, littering is not one of them. It is just plain lazy. Honestly, if you are picnicking and the wind carries away a napkin, then that is one thing, to drink a soda and just throw the can on the ground, well that is just lazy.

I think littering speaks to a person's character and it says nothing complimentary. Littering shows a lack of respect for yourself, others, others' property and public property. The City has spent big money (our tax money) to create a green space for us to enjoy, the least any of us can do is be committed to keeping it litter free.

In fact if you litter, I am inclined to think you are a stupid girl (or boy.)

Garbage-- Stupid Girl

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