Monday, June 18, 2012

Music Monday: PETER GABRIEL The Book of Love

Leave it to the amazing dancers at my daughter's dance school to remind me what it is we are really doing here....

I am sad and angry as I write this post. For the first time in my life I think H is right. There are too many people in the world, that is the problem. Our societies are filled with strife and anger and stupid ideas and it isn't so much that we have lost our way-- there are too many ways. Too many people. It has become a mob scene, no matter how civilized we try to pretend we are.

We all think people care about what we have to say-- they don't.

We mistakenly believe people are listening -- they aren't.

I turn on the TV and stupidity reigns supreme-- our legislatures are full of stupid, heartless, uncaring and unthinking people. Reality TV is loaded with self centered, under educated, thoughtless people, who obviously have very little class and very little sense of self respect. The news media is less concerned about actual stories and facts more about buzz and ratings.

I have decided I want to drop out. I want to go to island and be with the people I love and read to each other. Part of me wants to save my children from this world of stupidity which we are creating. Life is long and really-- what do we have to show for ourselves of late. As Americans we have a huge national debt, the fattest and certainly most unhealthy population on record, our soil is polluted and our streams fouled, we have governments which are bankrupt and I am not just speaking of money, our schools are substandard and getting worse by the day, and we are teetering on the edge of a national theocracy if the GOP gets elected AND we are teetering on the edge of financial crisis if Obama gets another run at it.

So what exactly is there left to love about this "great nation?"

All that is left is the small group of people I care deeply for... it is the simple things, truly... why can't people see that. In the end that is all we have... ourselves and our loved ones. I no longer feel safe in the land of my birth... I fear the train wreck that awaits us. I see the real possibility of war, brutal civil war on the horizon, I see a nation that gladly steals the rights of "those people", in favor of the rights of a few. I see a nation governed by the winners' religious preferences and not the spirit of tolerance-- as given to us by the Founding Fathers. We are in Afghanistan slaughtering our own in a hopeless fight against a culture of religious zealots, we point out that Shir'a law is a horrible system and yet we are allowing "christian" values to form our legislative policy and steal the rights of millions-- for the religious vanity of a few.

Sadly-- I think H is right, there are just too many people, with too many conflicting opinions and no will or desire to listen or compromise. I think the streets will run red with the blood of our loved ones---

and then sadly it will be too late. Too late to think about love and how that is what should guide us... too late to enjoy the music, dance and reading...

All that will be left is the chances wasted and love forgotten. And maybe if we are lucky, a (wedding) ring to hold onto and wish that person was still here...

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