Friday, June 8, 2012

Spring: A mostly photo essay

My Twitter followers will know most of these photos. I love Instagram and Twitter for sharing my quick snapshots. I have to say spring has sprung and sprung early in the yarden. It has been a wonderful spring. I hope the weather holds and we have an equally fantastic summer.
 We have had the most butterflies and moths this year and SO early too. Generally we get a few monarchs and maybe a grey/orange moth, but this year we have had a nice variety.
 This is our Iris. My MIL snuck over one afternoon and randomly planted this beauty. In the ten summers we have been in this house, it has spread and it blooms beautifully.
 These mini Iris like plants bloomed the most they ever have. So petite and pretty.
 These daisies were a surprise along the path to school. I think they are a weed that mimics actual daises, but beautiful nonetheless.
 This little guy was clinging to the wall of the tunnel on the path to school. I wonder what he will grow up to be?

 My owlies were enjoying the lovely peonies I had this year. In the middle of May. Peonies at Memorial Day maybe, but the weekend of Mother's Day-- no way!
 Twitter made me do it! I made chive blooms vinegar. It was very easy and it is tasty. I think it will make some great salad dressings!
 My first farmer's market haul. I love the farmer's market. It is so fun and so healthy too.
 I swear I did not photoshop this picture, not even a little bit. This is my freebie Iris. A neighbor last year was splitting and giving them away. Normally Iris will not bloom the spring after being moved. This Iris did not get that memo and we enjoyed this amazing bloom for a week or so. I can't wait until the whole bunch blooms next year.
 I got alot of these daisies this year. I love the color! The deer eat these, but there were plenty for us all this year.
 My finally daisies. I have tried and tried to get daisies to fill in this space. We have this space near the driveway and nothing wants to grow. Finally, I have prevailed!
 Volunteer snap dragons. I planted some here a few years ago, these guys decided to pop up this year. Fine with me. I love volunteers!
Snickers is bringing new meaning to sitting in the sun. She is totally enjoying the warm days and warm nights. She is napping all over the place. It is good to have her patrolling the yarden.

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