Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What do you do with all those veggies -- Week 2

Ok seedlings, here we go...

Allium, Tokyo Long Scallions   (1 bunch)    1
Beets, Merlin   (1 bunch)    1
Carrots, Sweet Baby Jane   (1 bunch)    1
Lettuce, Bergam's Green   (1 head)    1
Lettuce, Cherokee   (1 head)    1
Peas, Shell   (1 lb)    1
Radishes, Scarlet Globe White Tip   (1 bunch)    1
Turnips, Hakurei   (1 bunch)    1
Apricots   (1 lb)    2
Cherries, Balaton   (1 lb)    1
Herbs, Winter Savory   (1 bunch)   
I also picked up some gooseberries and some black raspberries at the market. L loves her berries and I am excited to back with the gooseberries. When I got home, I had to fight H back. He spied the beets and had the greens off and those beauties in a pot before I had my shoes off. I took care of the radishes and the turnips and stowed everything else.

H just cooked the beets, saved the juice and sliced them. He is on the road Friday thru Sunday and was excited to have fresh veggies for travel. He loves beets.

He happily busted into the cherries as well and I suspect he ate quiet a few just standing at the sink.

Wednesday night we ate left overs and had a salad. (I can't remember if it was left over salad or a salad I made with some of my haul.)

On Thursday I made fresh juice using oranges (from Green Bean). I threw in a few of the baby carrots from Wayward seed. I cannot even begin to tell you how much better a fresh, right from the ground, never processed baby carrot tastes.

On Thursday evening we had some salad and some shrimp on the BBQ. After L's dance lesson, we had a second dessert of black raspberries.

Friday I had left over veggie juice and some egg salad. We went out to lunch and were invited to dinner at a friends. I wanted to bake something, but there was no time for the gooseberries strawberry pie I had been plotting.

Just as I was going to default to brownies, Wayward Seed tweeting a link to this recipe for a Hungarian Sour Cherry Cake. As I read through the recipe, I decided I could make it gluten free with no problems. So I subbed brown rice bread crumbs for the breadcrumbs and I used 1 cup of Nameste All Purpose Gluten Free Flour. I think one of the reasons this worked and worked well is the beaten egg whites. Beating the egg whites gives the cake some rise, which is always the hard part of gluten free baking. I decided to experiment, because I love sour cherries and I wanted to be able to eat the cake too. Everyone loved it. (Honestly how can they not! Those cherries were awesome!)

Now things got a little crazy over the weekend. The landside started with too much Sangria on Friday night and a busy schedule for the weekend for me.  I used a good bit of Napa cabbage as a garnish under my spicy peanut satay chicken, which I made for the Picnic with the Pops. The kids ate carrots for dinner that night and on Sunday no cooking happened in my kitchen. I did make a veggie smoothie that morning using oranges, carrots and  beets with the reserved beet juice and lemonade. It was pretty tasty.

Monday was better. I had a veggie smoothie very similar to Sunday's and we ate the peas at lunch. Those peas were so tasty and Truffles has noshed on pea shells for a few days. He is very happy too...

Monday night I was out but H made pizza and the kids enjoyed carrots and radishes as a veggie.

Tuesday was a busy day too, so I am entering market day with a good bit of lettuce left, which Truffles may get  a good hunk of and I will freeze the greens for soup later. I have nibbled a few apricots and I think they will be turned into jam later this week or maybe a cake. The left over scallions will likewise be frozen.

I will call this week a mixed bag. Nothing was wasted, but I could have done better. My goal is to better. That said, buying a CSA is not something people who don't cook should do. You have to be home and able to dedicate some time to food prep every single day or I have to say, a CSA isn't for you.

And in my defense. I had planned a strawberry gooseberry tart for breakfast today, but someone ate the strawberries, so my baking efforts were totally thwarted last night...

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