Friday, February 23, 2007

Funny Story II

Again some of you may have heard this one too, but it is funny so I thought I would share it too.

So the back story - just had E. H was gone for two and half months. I have the best friends in the world. It was a very warm spring and when I am pregnant and right after having a baby I crave ICE. Not the drug mind you - but rather frozen water.

So here beginnith the story!

It is in May. It is warm and I am eating a half pound of ice a day. Thank goodness we have an ice machine in the freezer. In theory, it will make as much ice as you could ever desire. You take ice out via the door (very handy - that ice dispenser) and it dumps more, refills and you can repeat the process as often as you like. Unless, it betrayes you and stops working. Ahhhh, the horror!

So, that is what happened. But never fear, we have a warranty. Sears must come fix ice maker. So I set it up. Repair guy comes to the house. L is napping and E is hungry, but ice repair man is there and is freaked at the idea that I might nurse the baby. So I am holding E off, while repair man is messing in my freezer. I am dreaming of ice.... must have ice. Baby can cry a bit, I need ice. Well, no dice. We need a part, so the repair guy orders the part, sets up a follow up appointment. Leaves. I feed E and stew over another week of no ice.

A few days later a package comes for H. I put package in the dinning room. He's not around and if he wants it - he will tell me. FORGET ABOUT PACKAGE.

So, the repair guy shows up. New guy. (Please note: he was really cute!) He looks in the freezer. Then asks me if I have the part? (Do I look like a ice machine fixer. No, why would I have the part. MMMM, ok, new mom, have a toddler/preschooler, not sleeping alot - totally forgot about the package that came for H. I thought the point was he would come with the right part and fix my ice machine. Dreams of ice.) So he plays in the freezer a bit more, tells me to call when the part arrives. It will be delivered to the house. (Might have been nice if first guy had mentioned that.......)

So still no ice (oh, alright who am I kidding - I bought a 5 lb. bag of ice at the store. Must have ice.) So I take the kids out and about and then return home. After getting them settled into bed for naps and setting down myself to rest, it hits me like a ton of bricks. The package..... I run to the dinning room and open the package. Some funky part. I call the repair guy on his cell phone. I describe part - he says: "Yep, that is it!" He says he will come back in the morning or on his way home.

He comes and fixes my ice machine. Ice from the door is bliss. He also kindly did not make me feel like the biggest idiot in the world.

Now, while I am somewhat embarrassed that the part was there all along. It is not totally my fault. First of all not sleeping alot..... secondly, the box no where says SEARS. How was I to know it was for the SEARS Kenmore repair guy. Hello! Furthermore, someone should have told me I would be getting the part and to keep it handy for cute repair guy.

But it worked out.....I got my ice :)

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