Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Who said I had to be logical and consistant

Ok, so I have to clarify something. The logic is as follows:

1. I love my glasses
2. I am so happy that I choose to have LASIK

These two statements are not mutually exclusive. In fact I still love my glasses. H wants me to run out and donate them. I want to keep them on my dresser. Will I need to wear them in the near future - no I am seeing 20/20 for the most part and loving every second of it.

Now, it is my feeling, that as a woman I can change my mind on a whim. When it suits my fancy or any other time I damn well please. However, I do see the shocking and apparently glaring inconsistency of my posts! I did say I loved my glasses. I did gloat a bit that I liked getting compliments on their stylishness. None of those facts have changed. Still true today.

Now, I also must point out that I can see great. No more chasing my glasses as they slide down my nose, run off in the smeary, grimy and sticky hands of my toddler turned cat burglar. No more squinting at the clock in the middle of night. No more nearly losing them while working on perfecting my downward facing dog, ect!

The main reason that most of you were shocked by my LASIK post is that I told virtually no one I was having it done. I just could not stand stories about some one's cousin's brother's friend's girlfriend's aunt's daughter's teacher's dog. (Not that any of you would do that!) So I choose to face the laser and spill my guts later. (I needed to be strong! Note I stated it did not hurt - but at no point did I say I was not a bit worried. This process involves a LASER and my eyes. How often do you use those 2 words in the same sentance.)

So now that my logic is as clear as mud, I will leave it at that. Nuf said!

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