Saturday, February 17, 2007

Glasses no more....

Yes that is right - as of Friday I am glasses free. I had LASIK done. I have been toying with this for 3 years. I admit at first I was so not excited about a procedure that included the words - eyes, laser, flaps, and reshaping. But I have to say that contacts are not working and glasses with active kids were giving me more and more problems. So I decided to go see about it again.

So, Friday I took the plunge. Today I am seeing great - a bit blurry at times and bright light is to be avoided, but all in all I am so pleased. Last night when E was fussy in the middle of the night and I went to check on him, I could see without hunting for my glasses. It was nice.

So the procedure you wonder. Really painless. The worse part was the doctor "marking" some guiding marks on my eye lids. It takes a special kind of person to poke at your eye while chanting - "no, don't blink, just keep looking to the left, hold steady, no blinking." Really there are words for people like that!

But beyond that it was easy and painless. It took about 5 minutes total (I think) to you the laser in each eye. Some pressure and just a bit of odd noise but no pain. Then I came home, took a nap and was reading a book at 9 pm last night. I felt a bit like I had sand in my eyes and they did burn a bit off and on in the afternoon, but today I am fine and within a month, I should be all set.

Now I guess I should give everyone a bit of a disclaimer. In the last 5 years - I have had two children. Both without the use of drugs. So, I do have a tolerance for pain and honestly - labor can seem like it goes on forever, right - so this procedure was like 2 to 3 contractions long. So just bear that in mind before you run to nearest LASIK provider. Think along the lines of having a cavity filled. Mildly irritating - but essentially short in duration and in a few days - you are as good as new - well better actually.

Now where did I put my sun glasses......


IHateToast said...

wow... i had just read about you loving your glasses. this is what happens when you're behind.

as you get older and eyes tend to not see up close, will that affect you with lasik?

Susan said...

Hi. Yeah, I have been called on that one already. I do love my glasses - but they get in the way of serious play sometimes - so this seemed the best option.

Yeah in 15 years or so - I may need reading glasses, but for now it is way cool to be able to see 20/20!