Friday, February 9, 2007

A quick trip

Well, you know that sometimes real life is fun, so I will tell you about our last 24 hour adventure. H is home for 6 days, so we wanted to take the kids somewhere - anywhere. With all that has been happening in the last 6 to 9 months. We have stuck pretty close to home and since free time has been at a premium, we have not done much that has focused only on them.

So we checked out The GreatWolf Lodge located right next to King's Island, in Mason (northern Cincinnati, Ohio) It is brand new, in fact in a week or so they are planning their official Grand Opening Celebration. It isa huge hotel which features an indoor water park. Very cool, given that the weather here is ultra - cold! It has a rustic, hunting lodge feel. Black Bear sculptures, a large tree house in the lobby, a restaurant with trees and such inside and lodgelike/cabin like decor. Very kid focused and a big bonus - the entire lodge is smoke free. They have a kids club, with no water stuff to do and story time in the evening. (We skipped that - H took them to the free cookie decorating.)

The place is brand new, so naturally it was really clean and nice. It has a huge amount of water fun, in a relatively small area. Lots of slides and falling water and places to splash and a nice wave pool. Since we were there during the week, there were mainly families with young (pre-school and early school age kids.)

The only downside - was our littlest one decided he was not going to sleep and since the "suite" was not a suite in the traditional sense of the word - we had a bit of trouble. Which troubles me, as it always seems like that is our problem, someone not sleeping. But all in all, we plan to go back and everyone had a really nice time.

So often the restuarants at these types of places - leave a bit to be desired - however we really enjoyed the breakfast buffet today. Moderatley priced and with a huge variety - we really felt we got our monies worth. (Note: There was plenty for me to eat that was dairy and wheat/corn free!) We packed our dinner - so I cannot comment on the evening meal selections - but f it was anything like breakfast, I imagine it was good.

Then today we decided to go back to a place that H and I went to alot while at Miami University. Jungle Jim's in Fairfield, Ohio. Now, all of you who know me, know I love food. I have always been a foodie of sorts. Albeit, one with food issues, but I do so like food and I love to cook. In college, I took many a drive to Jungle Jim's.

Well in the 5 or so years that I have not been there, I have to say it has expanded in a big way. It is now an extravaganza. In fact H and I kept saying to each other - "Wow, this is a bit overwhelming." However, it was a nice time and we got some really yummy items that we will be eating over the next month or so and I think the kids enjoyed the trip too.

So, while the weather is chilly we managed to indulge in some water fun and indulge our inner foodie! Not bad for a weekday adventure!

Not bad at all!

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