Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have been pondering this alot. Well, I ponder alot of things alot. Ideals fly around my head like butterflies. As a kid this was a real problem. Now that I am older and wiser and not employed in the psycho world of finance, I am letting the ideas flow and sometimes they drive me a little bit batty.

So I have been thinking about the many sides to an issue or an event. It seems to me there are as many sides to a story as there are viewers or participants or both. Person A will see something slightly different from Person B. It is human nature. We all see the world, life thru a slightly different lens.

My mom and I have a rocky relationship. My high school years were not the best and my parents did not really get along. The road to divorce was long and rocky and no one managed to drive along it without some chips to the paint as it were. But funny thing - we all see those chips differently. We have also all dealt with the chips, differently.

But what is the truth to what was happening. Whose truth is more valid. Which truth is true. Can someone wanting your truth to be different ever succeed in changing your mind. Should you let them and at what cost? MMMMM.

I am not sure what is the answer to my quandry. I am still puzzled. I always tell L she must tell the truth, that if she tells me honestly what happens - that I might not like what she has told me, but that the truth - honesty is always better than the alternative.

Sometimes I wonder though.... IS IT???


IHateToast said...

L is fine with that kind of simple explanation. it's all she needs to know at this age. as she gets older, she'll learn what to tell and how much of the truth to tell. sometimes it's the other person that matters when it comes to truth. i had a friend who had a very amicable divorce, but her ex was so guilt ridden, he confessed to infidelity at the end. in her words, she never needed to know that and to "just let me think you were always a good guy, just not the right guy."
truth is tricky and can be a weapon. telling me i look chubby in something is okay from some, bad from others.

my stepdaughter is begging for her dad to tell her about the divorce. she's not old enough to have fallen in love, so would she understand marriage... really? and then divorce? and does she really want to hear the truth or can she just live with "we fell out of love and grew apart" when she's only 12.

tricky. but honesty to the momma? sure. the tricky stuff comes later. joy!

Susan said...

Well now, more food fo thought. I was thinking about something a bit different - but now the questions are a bit bigger and deeper.

Plus I am sure there will come a time, when I may not want the whole truth and nothing but the truth from L or E. But for now - I really do want to know who smeared PBJ all over the table.