Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I found this on a BLOG I just started to follow. Love her insight on books. Many on my TBR list come from her suggestions! Check it out. Maria put this up and now I am doing the same :) Give it a try. Cut and paste and do it in email or on your blog.

1. Cigarette: Disgusting
2. Sex: Connection
3. Relationship: partnership
4. Ex: co-workers
5. Power: House
6. Create: -ive
7. Job: Rocking Stay at Home Mom
8. Food: choices
9. Type: writer
10. Home: safe
11. Care: ful
12. Value: treasure
13. Eve: snakes
14. Jest: er
15. Religion: Episcopal
16. Thunder: God of War???
17. Fear: No
18. Marriage: our third child
19. Back: water
20. Spark: Sparkle
21. Tear: drops
22: Trust: Betrayal
23: Boredom: No anymore
24. Inside: Out
25: Fire: Fahrenheit 451
26. Game: Chutes & Ladders
27: Soft: as a baby's bottom
28: Ice: Cold
29: Hard: Ass
30: Because: I want to
31. Community: It takes a village
32. Wood: Carving
33. Theme: Not sure
34. Love: of my life
35. Hate: too much of in this world
36. Friendship: more valuable than gold
37. Money: clip
38. Heartache: opportunity for growth
39. Lust: mmmm, not going to share this one!
40. Time: Not enough
41. Divorce: not what I had thought when I was younger

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