Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knee deep in Snow

Yes Well, I have not been about lately because I have been busy dealing with snow. It started snowing here on Monday afternoon and did not let up until Wednesday. Depending on where you are in the city you have 6 to 12 inches. Plus there was a good bit of drifting. They say a picture is worth 1000 words - but sorry you are just going to have to visualize on your own - as I am not going to be standing in the snow snapping pictures. Trust me - I cannot see my deck and my driveway now looks more like a tunnel than a driveway. My front door - forget about it.

On Tuesday, I shoveled with the help of the neighborhood teenagers. They were great! But come Wednesday we had this weird mixture of snow - ice - sleet-snow that came up in big chucks. If I had been so motivated I would have been able to build a killer igloo, from the chunks! It took me and my neighbor to break it up and dig me out. It took us an hour and then I came in the house and melting into a puddle.

And H, you wonder where he was for all this fun and excitement. Well, stuck in Atlanta. So he was bored out of his mind and not getting paid for people watching - but at least he was warm and not getting pelted by falling ice on Tuesday and/or chipping at icy snow - but then he did have to did his car out of the airport parking lot on Thursday!

Anyway - I am done with winter. I hate snow. I hate winter and I have had my fill. Bring on the sun and fun! I am craving flowers and the like.

Although-- someone did bring home a nice big basket of tulips on Thursday - so I guess I can gaze at them and envision spring - as I watch the snow fall today!

But hey, while we are cooped up inside - check out this quiz - too funny.

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