Monday, August 11, 2008

Artistic realization

This is a combo recap of two seperate conversations I have had with L in the last say 7 days.

L: I see pictures in my head

ME: I do too. Isn't it amazing?

L: Yes and then I draw them.

ME: I write about them

So tonight....

L: I dream about art all the time, picture and crafts and colors.

ME: Well I do too and sometimes I daydream about them also.

L: I dream about them all the time and then I see myself drawing them or painting them or making them. It is so cool. You know?

ME: Yes I write them instead. I use words to draw the pictures.

L: Well maybe when I learn to write I can do that. (Long pause) Hey momma, when are you going to learn how to draw?

She was serious too. I cannot draw worth spit. Good thing I seem to be able to write.

What I love about these exchanges is that she sees herself as a creative being. She is very much in touch with that part of herself. I need to keep her focused on that. At 6 she is realizing her artistic potential and she sees that the thoughts in her head do come out on the paper in front of her. Fully realizing her artistic gift is a huge blessing. It took me 33 years to realize mine.

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IHateToast said...

who said you can't draw? just because it isn't exact, doesn't mean you can't draw.

go on. doodle!