Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sex Lives of Canibals - A Book Review

My book club selected this as our summer reading book. I was not sold on the title and in general I am not a fan of the memoir exactly. It is a genre that to me authors either hit a home run or well they foul out rather quickly. I would say this book is triple - not exactly a home run but very close.

For starters it is a very thought provoking book and it certainly shows the perils of Western consumer culture. It made me totally love the fact that someone perfected indoor plumbing and city sanitation a bit over 100 years ago.

The author and his wife travel to some obscure chain of coral at toles in the South Pacific for his wife's job with a NGO.

I also like the way the author thinks. He thinks like me - his random tangents and his run away brain. I have one of those also. I spend a huge amount of time thinking about the strangest things.

Best of all - he wrote this book for those of us on the go-go-go. He had a summary of each chapter at the beginning of each chapter. Most of the chapters are little snippets - more so than connect thoughts linked by any sort of plot - so one can skip around. Which I did with reckless abandon and well I failed to keep track and then ended up trying to reread it from start to finish - to be prepared fro the book club meeting!

The perfect book for travel and commuting I think!

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