Friday, August 22, 2008

So worth waiting for...

My new office space rocks. We have a finished attic and it has been for 5 years H and I's office space, my sewing and craft area and random dumping ground. It has no closet space nor storage space - it was one large room! H and I filled it with random bits of cast off furniture and boxes and piles and more piles. Every so often we would get on a freaky cleaning binge and try to create some order - but with no where to actually store anything or put it away, it was a pointless struggle.

Ah - enter California Closets. I actually called 3 such companies and they won my business with their down to earth sales rep and their quality yet affordable product. Today the guys were here for a long long time - but I am so happy with their efforts. I have a corner desk unit, L has her very own craft desk, I have a craft/sewing desk and H has built in book shelfs and a cabinet!

We are missing three drawers for L's craft station which will come next week, but all in all it is beautiful and I am going to thoughtfully move my stuff back and restock.

We are selling the hodgepodge of furniture and on the other side of the room, we plan to create a nice reading nook and sitting area, an adult space. It is exciting, after 5 years we bit the bullet and now have a space that is bright, inviting and hopefully organized!


Corinna said...

I hope you show us picutes of how you arrange your stuff. This looks like a awsome space!

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping "the thoughts from the edge" and saying hey. It is an awesome space and I am so glad we decided to go this route! I have not unloaded and filled in the space yet but that is on the agenda for the week. I will totally report once we are settled in and totally living in it!