Sunday, August 3, 2008

Proof that my stomach has turned

I am pushing two years of the special eating plan and I now have proof that not eating certain foods does something to a person. It makes one squeamish about foods that many people consider indulgences. Diet cheat foods.

What got me you say? Pizza, nachos, ice cream - nope. Store bought cake with the gooey, kid pleasing icing! (Please note: I did not eat the food - which turned my stomach - merely looking at it was enough.)

For L's birthday party I got a cake from the grocery - 24 cupcakes to be exact so that I would not have to cut the cake. Well the holes and crevices between the cup cakes was filled with icing. It was enough to have iced about 6 more cupcakes.

As I put the remainder of the cake away, it oozed all over my hands and it was sticky and smelled so sweet. It literally turned my stomach. Almost all the kids had licked it off the cakes and enjoyed every sweet gooey bit.

Me, I know it has to contain something that I should not have and well - it literally made me feel ill. Proof that the clean eating has changed my stomach - for the better & forever! Looking at it made me feel funny - I can only imagine what would have happened had I actually ate it!

Can I have an apple, please?

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