Friday, August 15, 2008

Heaven in a Pint

I think I am in love! Ice Cream, which seems to agree with me and which tastes very much like ice cream should. Goat's Milk. A local ice cream shop had some goat's milk ice cream which I tried and liked very much. Theirs was a bit tangier.

LaLoo's is perfect and creamy and sweet and just perfect with berries. I will admit that I miss cold and creamy things. I can stand my new eating regimen most of the time, but of late I have been craving smooth and creamy and sweet and something - anything to eat with my berries.

I tried making a panacotta type thing with Rice Milk. Um yeah - not so much. I think sometimes I just crave certain things and the alternative sometimes falls short.

I have tried their chocolate and well it was ok. This round I tried the vanilla snowflake and well - I am in love. It is absolutely perfect. I will admit to eating the pint in less than the 4 servings - but seriously - it has been years since I have had ice cream (aside from my taste test of the locally produced goat's milk ice cream.) I have been craving something and wow - I discovered this gem in the freezer case at Whole Foods.

If I were to have one wish - it would be that they tone down the sugar just a tad. As afore mentioned - when eats nothing sweetened with corn syrup - well most things taste uber sweet. This is just on the ok side of being too sweet.

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