Monday, August 25, 2008


I am offering the "I am a Dumbass Award" to whoever made the choice to cut the crossing guard that crosses kids walking to school in my neighborhood. We live in a neighborhood which is located right off one of the busiest roads in the city. With the exception of the school zone it 45 miles per hour for the most part. The school zone also ends about 750 feet before the intersection in question! Trust me - people cross the school bar and then gun their gas guzzling SUVS baby!

Granted the kids walk the bike path - but still - there needs to be some one to help them cross the side street which dead ends into the main road. Not to mention that it is just another set of eyes and ears along the way. For what I pay in taxes and given the fact that my baby is walking to school - I want a crossing guard. (Please note I walk with her - but still......there are other kiddos going it solo and I want the guard for them!)

Furthermore the crossing guard helps to maintain the overall traffic flow in and out of the neighborhood and on the main road - which if traffic backs up when someone wants to make a left into the neighborhood - can be a huge headache.

It is absurd that the Distract, the School Board or management or whoever for a second thinks it is ok to cancel the guard and in the same month - agree to pay the superintendent's housing costs.

Wait I have a bright idea - The superintendent can earn his extra pay by BEING the crossing guard. Now that is a great way to kill 2 birds with one stone.

*** BTW after I wrote this - my neighbor called to informed me that the principal served as the guard after I crossed today and has assured everyone a crossing guard will be hired and ready to serve by Tuesday of next week. I still say the superintendent should have to do it and earn his EXTRA and totally unneeded pay! Maybe freezing his nuts off this winter will thaw his brain and he refrain for asking for money he is not entitled to... (or the school board could rotate thru as crossing guards - they agreed to pay him the money... mmm the short list of free crossing guard candidates is growing as I think...)

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